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  • What is the process flow of SMT?

    SMT process: bake PCB, load PCB, print solder paste, solder paste inspection, high-speed machine mounter for tiny components, multi-function mounter for larger components, AOI before reflow, reflow, AOI, visual inspection. If any defect, it must be repaired or returned to the previous process.
  • What is the process flow of PCBA?

    PCBA process includes the SMT process, which is SMT, THT, wave soldering, repair and manual soldering, assembly, ICT and FCT test, final inspection, packing.
  • What do you need for PCBA quotation? How long does it take?

    Fully Hong Electronics offers 2 types of PCBA service: material supplied by customer and turnkey service. Fully Hong will only need to assemble if all material supplied by customer. It is light cooperation, so we don't that much. Only BOM list, Gerber files (better with pictures or samples), quantity is required for quotation. We could make quotation within 1-2 working days. We prefer turnkey service, namely Fully Hong will provide materials and assembling. Same info is required for quotation; however it takes more efforts to get the price. We are going to verify every material's channel and prices in the BOM one by one. Price will be calculated combined with processing costs, engineering costs .etc. Various with the amount of materials and the complexity of the BOM, time required for quotation is different. Usually it takes 5-10 working days to get it.
  • In addition to the components and processing cost, why are there engineering costs and stencil costs?

    For PCBA workflow, we would get that a lot of preparatory work need to be done before processing. Like sorting out components, programming before mounting and AOI. Whether for 10-20 pcs samples or large volume, engineers need to process with the preparation. That is engineering cost. In SMT, stencil is an inevitable tool for solder paste printing. If THT is needed for an quantity order, we are going to make it through wave soldering. Fixture is required for wave soldering, since it could improve efficiency better guarantee quality. Stencil and Fixture cost will be charged only when first production. They could be continuously used if the Gerber file does not change. The engineering cost (also called start-up fee) is not a one-time cost. Only when quantity is great enough, it could be exempted.
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