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  • What are the payment terms for PCBA assembling?

    One of Fully Hong's core value is "Customer First, be trustworthy". We insist on creating value for customers, operating sincerely and respecting the reasonable demands of all partners. We require ourselves to be honest and put forward such requirement for all partners. This is the cornerstone of establishing a long-term "win-win" partnership. For cooperation within the first six months, we usually ask for 40%-60% deposit and pay the full amount before shipment. If both parties have continuous and stable cooperation, we could negotiate to get a more favorable payment term.
  • What do you need for PCB quotation, and how long does it take?

    The PCB quotation is relatively simple, we need the Gerber file of the PCB, the specifications of the PCB such as the type of laminate (usually FR4), the layers, board thickness, copper thickness, surface finish, order quantity, etc. Generally, PCB quotation needs 1-2 working days.
  • What is special specification PCB? How to calculate the weight of PCB?

    In Fully Hong, the normal specification PCB refers to FR4, 1.6 mm board thickness, HOZ basic copper thickness, >0.25 mm aperture, >0.15 mm the line width, HASL lead free. Different from above specifications are special specifications. On average, the weight of 1.6 mm, FR4 PCB is 3.3kg~3.8kg per square meter, depending on the board structure. In some cases, to avoid transportation damage, weight may be increased for single packed board. Anyway, we will always use the lightest and smallest packaging to save customer's transportation costs.
  • What are the common brands of PCB Laminate? What is the PCB lead time?

    Laminate is very important to the quality of PCB. Generally, commonly used copper clad laminate (CCL) brands are: Shengyi, Jianboard, Lianmao, Nanya, Guoji, etc. If no specified brand, mostly we will use Kingboard and Guoji. PCB's lead time starts after all the engineering questions are confirmed. For regular laminate with normal quantity, our lead time is 7-14 days.
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