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  • What is the lead time for PCBA?

    The lead time of PCBA is calculated when all electronic materials are ready. The delivery of latest material decides our lead time. Generally, it takes longer time to purchase materials abroad. If all materials arrive, our lead time is 3-5 days for regular volume and 5-10 days for high volume.
  • What type of order will be applied with AOI, X-ray and FCT?

    AOI is used to detect whether the components are missed, reversed, biased, bridged, floated, etc. Generally, AOI is required after reflow soldering. X-ray is mainly for the detection of BGA after mounting, and usually it is random inspection. The FCT function test is to check the electronic input and output parameters of assembled PCBA. Customer needs to provide test program or cooperates with our engineers to develop it.
  • How to accelerate PCBA processing?

    PCBA workflow is not complicate. Although Fully Hong has a strong execution team, all partner's cooperation is also very important to ensure fast delivery. In following steps, customer's support could speed up our processing. 1)Overall forecast includes annual and quarterly delivery schedules: Take a glimpse of the period required from PCBA quotation, proofing prototype confirmation, to component sourcing, PCBA processing. Set aside extra time to deal with unexpected occasions. Make annual and quarterly delivery schedules according to launch time. 2) Purchase some materials in advance: For some long-time delivery, unpopular and expensive materials, it is better to let us purchase quarterly and annually. Some materials delivery period is up to two to three months, for such materials, if forecast is provided, it is necessary to prepare in advance, which can effectively shorten the delivery time and save customer's cost. (since we could consider buying futures) 3) Timely and rapid communication: Is inevitable that some problems will be encountered, Fully Hong will response promptly to propose solutions for customers' reference. If we could get feedback soon, it will help us a lot to promote PCBA processing.
  • Why is Fully Hong more inclined to take Turnkey PCBA orders?

    Compared with material supplied orders, Fully Hong prefers to offer Turnkey PCBA service. The main reason is to save customer's cost and free them of complicated material purchasing work. Also it could avoid disagreement in case of quality issues. Fully Hong have established a relatively complete electronic component supply chain. To ensure quality, we only cooperate with official agency or original manufacturer. We could get better price from partners, so we could save customer's time and cost from material purchasing. At the same time, for turnkey orders, in worst case there is a quality issue, whether it is a material problem or assembling problem, Fully Hong will take responsible for it. However if material supplied by customer, once quality issue, it may be assembling problem or poor materials. To avoid and reduce the disagreement in solving quality issues, Turnkey solution is more beneficial to customers.
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