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SMT is "Surface Mount Technology", which is relative to the traditional THT (Through Hole Technology). The base of SMT or THT is PCB. "Surface" refers to the pad that can be used to print solder paste on the surface of the PCB board. "through hole" refers to the PTH (Plated Through Hole) on the circuit board. SMT is more efficient and advanced electronic welding technology.


SMT flow chart


We could take it easily that, the process is solder paste, solder paste inspection, high speed mount for tiny components, multi-functional mount for larger components, AOI test, Reflow, AOI, view inspection


Fully Hong SMT plant is equipped with advanced facilities, such as Desen's automatic solder paste printer, Samsung and Panasonic's high-speed and multi-function mounter, with 50% of the employees over 5 years of SMT experience, and precise testing equipment, such as SPI (Solder Paste Inspection), First Article Tester (FAI), Quasi-stable AOI and Shimadzu X-ray.


The 4 SMT line's daily capacity can reach 3 million points. In terms of equipment, facilities, and capacity, Fully Hong Electronics fully meet the general requirements for production and quality.


In quality control, it seems easy in SMT, but we dare not have any slack.


Fully Hong Electronics take below strategies to ensures SMT quality:

1. Use the well-known Senju or Loctite solder paste, take SPI to ensure that 80% of the quality problems of SMT are effectively controlled in this step

2. Advanced First Article Tester to test and issue the test report.

3. Before and after overflow, AOI could detect the attached components, to ensure there is no missing or wrong parts.  

4. BGA mounted board will be tested via X-ray.

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